Monday, May 28, 2012

Made It - Lazy Person's Garland

Hello! A few weeks back I found some red, white and blue striped  heavy twill at a thrift store. It was priced at a dollar for  1 1/2yards, so I snapped it up. I immediately knew I could use it to fashion a fabric garland to add some patriotic flair to our yard. 

Looked online first to learn how to make a fabric garland - I knew how to do the sewing, but wanted to see how the hanging cord should be attached. I saw various directions that called for the use of grommets, zipper foots, bias tape and so on. I wanted something simpler, so I came up with my own solution, which I'll reveal shortly. 

To begin, I made a triangle template of about 6" at the top and with sides of 9". I cut triangles out of the striped fabric and out of white fabric I already had on hand. After pinning the two pieces together, I sewed across the top of each triangle, then stopped. I started my seam again about 1/2" down from the top seam, then sewed around the sides of the triangle, stopping again about 1/2" from the top of the other side of the triangle. This created a channel for me to thread garden twine through. I happened to have a sewing tool called a ballpoint bodkin that was perfect for threading the twine through the channel. 

My finished garland is about 10' long, and in honor of Memorial Day, I hung it up:

Above, you see an overview of the garland, and below, a close-up:

As I'd said, it's a lazy person's garland, but I like the cheerfulness of those red, white and blue stripes. Anything to help dress up our old garage is a good thing too!


  1. It makes the garage look very patriotic.

  2. And that's better than looking beat up!

  3. I love it! Nothing lazy about it at all.

  4. Thank you, Judy! I really don't have much patience when it comes to sewing, so I try to do simple projects such as this.