Saturday, June 23, 2018

Get Carded: My Kind Of Greeting Cards

Hello! Two occasions this past week called for greeting cards, so I spent some time in my studio making them.

Father's Day came first:

  • white card stock
  • scrap from vintage atlas page for a map of Illinois
  • vintage postcard of a scene along the Chicago River
  • "Blank kind of town Chicago is" stamped in black ink on white card stock scraps, then affixed to card. The "blank" piece has my husband's name stamped on it. He didn't want his name shown here, so I removed it for this blog post. Thus, instead of saying the song line "My kind of town Chicago is", the card actually reads "Blank's kind of town..."
Chicago really is my husband's kind of town, since it's his hometown! 

The Chicago card theme was chosen because of the Father's Day gift I gave him this year: an e-subscription to the Chicago Tribune. He had enjoyed reading the online version of that paper until it began using a paywall. From time to time he would talk about getting an e-subscription, but hadn't gotten around to doing so. Now he doesn't have to. 

(Note: he also got a homemade bread and a favorite dinner for the occasion.)

I have a friend whose birthday is always easy to remember: it's on the same day as the birthday of one of my nephew's. Here's the card I sent her:

  • white card stock
  • scrap of vintage ledger paper
  • reproduction of Victorian scrap 
  • "wish" stamped on the scrap piece
  • white card stock piece edged with red ink; "happy birthday" stamped with red ink
  • ribbon accent
A close-up of the design:

I like how the "wish" stamping looks like it was part of the design all along. 

And there you have it, two examples of my kind of greeting cards.

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