Friday, February 16, 2018

Get Carded: Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello! Valentine's Day is a busy holiday for a greeting card crafter. In my previous post, I showed off some of the cards I made for the Valentines for Vets project. After making those, I switched gears to make cards for family and friends. Below, you'll see how the Valentines for our daughter and my husband turned out. 

For our daughter:

And a couple of close-ups:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • hand-stamped paper scrap on right side of card; one of the stamps used was a hand-carved heart I'd made
  • portion of time card (piece with pink border on the left)
  • pink floral scrapbook paper piece
  •  piece from children's memory-matching game
  • heart cut from art paper scrap
  • "el amor" cut from Spanish flash card set 
  • "happy valentine's day" stamped in red ink on scrap of 1890's ledger paper
Hmm, the card turned out a bit "busy", but our daughter liked it anyway. As for myself, I really liked the graphics on that piece from the children's game; so charming!
 Moving on, here's my husband's card:

And a close-up:

Materials used: 

  • white card stock
  • scrapbook paper piece (reproduction of vintage ad), painted over with ivory acrylic paint to tone down the yellowed-paper look
  • paint chip piece; the two visible paint names are "Heartfelt" and "Valentine" (couldn't go wrong with using that paint chip for this occasion!)
  • game piece from children's memory-matching game (pink with red heart)
  • red and white scrapbook paper heart affixed to game piece
  • "happy valentine's day" stamped in red ink onto 1890's ledger paper
  • "el corazon" cut from Spanish flash card set
  • red eyelet
  • red and white baker's twine threaded through eyelet and tied. 
You'll notice that there's a few common elements in both cards: the Spanish flash cards, the pieces from the children's game and the same stamp used on the same vintage ledger paper. Using some of the same elements makes card crafting easier, a must at a time when many cards were being made over the course of a couple of weeks. 

I jokingly told my husband that the eyelet might very well be older than he is, and he was born in the late 1950's. About a ago I bought a vintage eyelet plier and various colored eyelets, all in the original packaging. Cost me just one dollar at a church rummage sale. I could tell by the packaging that the set is from sometime in the 1950's. The pliers are fun and easy to use, and I like the way an eyelet adds a bit of color to a corner of a card. Plus, I can  add further color by tying a piece of ribbon, cording, etc. through the eyelet, which I'd done for my husband's Valentine. 

I liked how his card turned out, and he did too.




  1. Nice cards! I especially like the flower piece on your daughter's card.

  2. Thanks! I do enjoy card crafting! Glad you liked the flower piece too. By the way, the church rummage sale I mentioned (in regards to the vintage eyelet set) was courtesy of your church.