Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Hello! If you and yours observe Easter, I hope you have a very nice day celebrating it. 

This has become a Holy Week tradition of mine:

I've listened to this CD over and over the week before Easter, enjoying it greatly. It takes me back to my childhood, when my parents had the original 2-album set (the above is a 2-CD set). I think I was around 10 when the album first came out. 

Back then, I attended a small, boring Catholic school, which was part of a small, boring Catholic church in a small, boring town. Now, I loved singing the old, traditional Lenten and Easter songs in church. But it seemed like a breath of fresh air when the rock music (along with a few other musical styles) of Jesus Christ Superstar burst onto the scene. 

And for us of the younger generation, it helped that older folks, including the older clergy, disapproved of JCS. That instantly made JCS even more cool. I got the impression, however, that the younger nuns at my school were okay with it. 

They must have been, for at some point my older sister's class hosted a production of JCS. It may have been a fundraiser for their 8th grade class trip. They lip-synced to the album, but followed  casting and staging within the limits of their class size. Perhaps because it's not unusual for a girl to be the tallest student in an 8th grade classroom, a girl in my sister's class was cast as Jesus. Well, after all, she was tall and slim, and had straight, shoulder-length medium-brown hair, so the teacher must have thought she looked the part! My sister was cast for parts in the crowd scenes. I enjoyed the production enough to attend both shows her class put on. 

As I'd said, some members of the "older generation" disapproved of JCS, but obviously my parents didn't since the album appeared at our house. I don't recall if they purchased it, or if one of my three older sisters had. My husband's mother, who was around the same age as my parents, didn't approve of rock music though, so his family never owned the album.

I don't know what became of my parents' copy; their "hi fi" system disappeared a long time ago and probably their small album collection with it. So for nostalgia's sake - and because it's still fun to listen to - I got a CD version of the album several years ago. And it's been on Holy Week repeat at my house ever since.

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