Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas From The Mitchell Park Conservatory!

Hello! Earlier this week we treated ourselves to a short stay in Milwaukee, a city we always enjoy visiting. And one of our favorite places to visit while there is the domes of the Mitchell Park Conservatory. 

It's especially festive this time of year, when the dome whose display changes throughout the year features a holiday theme. This year, the theme was:

"Not a Creature was Stirring...", although I preferred to think of it as a woodland theme. 

What follows are various photos of the many live trees in this dome, each with a different color scheme and animal theme:

Not an animal theme, of course, but I couldn't resist this fairy garden:

Very charming!

A few plants in the Arid Dome got into the holiday act as well:

The small Christmas ornaments hung on these plants added a sweet touch. This could be done with one's houseplants too, of course. 

Don't think that the plants in the Tropical Dome received any holiday embellishments, perhaps due to the high humidity there that would do a number on decorations. No matter, it's still nice as is. 

We also visited Mitchell Park Conservatory at the beginning of this year, when the 2015 holiday display was still going on. It can be seen here. This previous display had a gingerbread theme, and at the time I enjoyed it very much. But I think I liked this year's animal/woodland theme even better. I really enjoyed how each tree was decorated. I guess I admired the color coordination not seen on my own Christmas trees!

But if you're not in the Milwaukee area in time to see the holiday show at Mitchell Park Conservatory, the domes are still worth seeing any time of year. 

Merry Christmas to all!

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