Monday, January 11, 2016

Mitchell Park Domes

Hello! After a mild December, it's turned cold and snowy here. Ah yes, we knew winter would show up sometime. 

So, what better time to show off some pictures taken at the Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee? We visited the Domes earlier this month, when snow still wasn't prevalent. 

Snow or not, the conservatory domes are nice any time of year. We've visited them in the past and have always enjoyed seeing the large variety of plantings. There are three domes, each with its own theme: desert(arid), tropical and show. The latter dome changes plantings several times a year, according to the chosen themes. The day we visited marked the end of the holiday show.

I took several photos:

Poinsettias and gingerbread in the holiday-themed show dome. There was a lot here to delight the young and the young-at-heart, like two tiny fairy gardens and a bakeshop window display of goodies. Very charming!

Just a few examples of the very cool cacti in the desert dome. The colored cacti are due to a man-made process but still fun to look at. 

Vividly-patterned leaves in the tropical dome. It had turned cold outside the day we visited, so the warmth and humidity of this dome was welcome indeed!

My pictures show just a fraction of what can seen at these domes. It's a great place for all ages - we saw grandparents, parents and kids enjoying themselves, and our college-age daughter likes the domes too. If you're in the Milwaukee area it's well worth a stop.

For more information on the Mitchell Park Domes, go here.

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