Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Get Carded: Cards I Don't Like To Make

Hello! I actually enjoy making greeting cards, so what do I mean by "cards I don't like to make"? I like to think of crafting cards for happy occasions: the neighbors' new baby or a nephew's high school graduation.

But then there's cards for less-than-happy occasions, such as thanking someone who sent you a sympathy card, get-well wishes to an elderly aunt who broke her hip, or a sympathy card for a cousin whose son died all too soon. 

I would have rather that the occasions that warranted the sending of these cards not have happened, but they did and so needed to be acknowledged. 

The thank you card went to an out-of-state relative who had been very fond of my dad and thus had sent me a very nice sympathy card. I wanted her to know I appreciated her kind words and sweet remembrances of my dad. 

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • green plaid scrapbook paper
  • flower stamped in green ink on vintage pale pink recipe card
  • white flower embellishment
  • "Thank you for your Thoughtfulness" stamped in black ink
A close-up:

For the aunt now in rehab for her broken hip:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • metallic gold art paper scrap
  • pale blue art paper scrap
  • floral art paper scrap
  • flower embellishment
  • "Hope you're better soon!" stamped in black ink on vintage wallpaper scrap

And this card's close-up:

It's always very sad when a child precedes his or her parents in death; this happened in my own family when a sister died while only 40. My cousin's son was also only in his 40's, too young. Sympathy cards are the hardest to make. 

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • pale purple art paper scrap
  • purple art paper scrap
  • floral art paper scrap
  • fringed ribbon"May all your precious memories help bring you peace and comfort through the days ahead" stamped in black ink onto vintage wallpaper scrap
The close-up:

As you can see, all three cards are rather muted in color, which   befitted the occasions and people the cards were meant for. But I think I still made cards that will please the eyes and minds of the recipients. 

Nevertheless, I hope it's awhile before I have to make such cards again!



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