Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thrifty Acres: Vintage Quilt

Hello! Several years ago I made a slipcover for our couch. By now, I've tired of the slipcover and have been thinking of making a new one. But until that happens, I've been hunting for some sort of blanket or other fabric-y item to toss over the slipcover and hide its drabness.

And yesterday my search was over when I spied a vintage quilt in a local thrift store. I examined it closely and saw that it was in decent shape. There were a couple of loose seams, but no fading or stains. I wasn't worried about the loose seams since I could easily repair them. 

I was a bit worried about the asking price, though, since for some reason the price tag had been left blank. So I took the quilt up to the check-out counter to ask what the store charge for it. Many thrifts have a policy of not setting prices on the spot for unmarked items, but not at this particular one.
The clerk briefly looked the quilt over and said I could have it for five dollars. Sold! 

And here's what five dollars got me:

Washed and dried, my "new" quilt brightens up the sofa nicely. I didn't measure it before I tucked it into the sofa, but I think the quilt is twin bed size. 

It's machine-sewn and appears to be reversible. Its back is made up of large fabric squares; mostly prints but a few solids were used as well. 

Since I'm not exactly a fabric historian I'm not sure how old this quilt is, but I think most if not all of the fabrics date from the 1960's or 1970's. So, not super old, but still old enough to be called vintage!

A few close ups:

I'm a sucker for vintage kitchen-print fabrics.

Cute apples!

Nice florals too.

I was pleased to find such a colorful cover-up for my sofa, and if this quilt means I can delay the slipcover issue for awhile longer, then that's even more pleasing!



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