Sunday, November 15, 2015

Made It: For A Gem Of A Friend

Hello! I have a gem of a friend, someone who's very talented, fun to hang out with and very kind. So of course I wanted to celebrate her birthday with a couple of handmade items (I treated her to dinner and a loaf of homemade bread as well.)

I made her this card:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • page from vintage book
  • scrap from altered 1880's ledger page
  • red card stock scrap
  • label from vintage sewing thread spool
  • vintage button
  • "happy birthday" stamped in black ink
I wasn't sure what theme the card would have when I headed to my studio to make it, but once there I spied that vintage sewing thread spool label with the word "Gem" on it. That became my theme, and then all I had to do is find color-coordinating elements. 

I also did a little sewing as part of my friend's gift:

In honor of my friend's autumn birthday - and my love of squirrels - I made her a little stuffed squirrel. The body and tail are made from brown fabrics, and I added a vintage button eye and a ribbon tie. 

It's about 4 1/2" high and about 4" wide. The pattern was from a vintage needlework book; it was actually an applique shape for a children's quilt. I couldn't resist turning it into a stuffed shape. 

The squirrel and card were both fun to make and I was only too happy to make them for a gem of a friend.  

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