Monday, October 12, 2015

Thrifty Acres: From The Church Rummage Sale

Hello! I love church rummage sales for their usually-low prices and interesting selection. I'm always on the lookout for vintage wares at such events, but will buy newer items if they're something I need. Plus, these sales are always for a good cause, so I'm happy to support the fundraising efforts.

A local church had a rummage sale this past weekend, so I checked it out. Came back with several vintage items, such as this:

A 1963 Clue game. The box is a little beat up, but then again so is one of my brothers, who was born the same year. 

View of the game board:

I like the graphics on these game cards:

Another game:

This is from 1957.

And here's what one of the bingo cards looks like:

This could be cut into a heart shape, decorated, and glued to a blank greeting card to celebrate a wedding. 

And one more game:

I don't know how old this is. The only directions inside are a couple of small scoring charts, which have been taped to the backs of a business ad. A 5-digit phone number(not seven)is given for the business, so that tells me the game is likely several decades old. 

I bought the game primarily for the graphics, seen above on the top of the box and below, on the sides:

The "Hearts" logo could be cut away from the box and used for a Valentine's Day craft. I wouldn't cut the box up if the game was complete, but it doesn't appear to be so. 

For creative pursuits:

Not sure exactly how old this Tapex eyelet set is, but the company address does have a five-digit zip code, so it's no older than the early/mid-1960's. The package is pretty beat up, but it's never been opened. 

Below the section that holds the eyelets is the statement "EXCELLENT for use in the office...EVERY desk should have one." Well, I didn't have an eyelet plier, nor did I own 300 eyelets in assorted cool colors. Now I do! 

Even more cool colors can be found in this:

A box of Eberhard Faber Nupastel Color Sticks "CLEANER STRONGER THAN PASTELS". Not sure if that's true; I'm certainly no expert on pastels. 

This was a big set of pastels - excuse me, Nupastels - when new. There's 75 slots inside. It was obvious that these color sticks had been used a lot, but there's still plenty of usage left, as demonstrated below by my two-minute sketch:

Remember, I said I wasn't an expert on pastels! I just enjoy working with color in a variety of media. 

I don't know when this box of Nupastel color sticks was manufactured, but there's a sticker on the  box lid that shows the name and address of an artist supply company. The address has a single-digit postal code, which means that the business sold this sometime between WWII and the early 1960's. 

Not all my purchases were vintage:

An Early American Cornhusk Doll Kit. I paid 75c for it at the bazaar; according to the price tag on the back, full price was $9.95. I thought this would be a nice fall-ish craft to make. 

Not shown but also newer stuff: a very nice skillet, a large clay plant pot and a few craft supplies. The skillet was by far the most expensive purchase, but is in good shape and it's something our daughter said she needed as she cooks her way through the school year. It was reasonably priced, just a lot more money than the el cheapo prices I favor.

So is it any wonder why I love church rummage sales? Cool, fun old stuff, fun or useful new stuff, all at good prices - what's not to love?



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