Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bang For A Buck #4: A New Bathrobe

Hello! A local thrift store has weekly sales, so when I stop in I look to see what the current markdown category is.

This week it's sleepwear and bathrobes, so I browsed in that section. One particular robe caught my eye, for it looked in much better shape than the baggy teal robe next to it. Then I spied the price tag still on it, which meant it had likely never been worn. 

And with the weekly sale on, I paid a grand total of one dollar for this:

A close-up of the floral design:


I already own two bathrobes: a lightweight one when I need just a slight cover-up, and a heavy one for the winter. My thrift store robe is brushed flannel, which means it's perfect for cool-but-not-cold weather. In other words, the morning temps we've been having the past couple of days (low-to-mid 40's). 

The label identifies this garment as a Target product. Since the price itself had been torn off the bottom of the tag, I wondered if the robe had been given as a gift. I couldn't find any information on it online, so I suspect the robe had languished in someone's closet for some time before finally being donated to the thrift store. That didn't bother me; it's not as if bathrobe styles change!

Since I couldn't find out how much this robe had originally cost, I don't know how much money I saved, but I was pleased I only spent a dollar to buy it.


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