Thursday, April 2, 2015

Made It: Springtime Scrap Fabric Wreath

Hello! As seen in this post from last year, I'd made a wreath by cutting fabric scraps into strips and then tying them around a wire wreath form. The finished wreath, with its myriad colors, pleasantly dressed up our front porch last summer. 

Found another wire wreath form last week at a thrift store, so I thought it'd be fun to make another scrap fabric wreath. This time I would aim for a spring-like look by limiting the colors to green and pink. 

Here's the finished wreath:

This wreath, like the one I'd crafted last year, is 12" diameter. 

A close-up:

Even though I only used pinks and greens, there's still plenty of variety among the various prints and solids. I do enjoy playing with fabric, and also enjoy finding a use for scraps too small to do much else with. 

Now that I have a rotary cutter, I used that tool to trim the fabrics to 5" x 1 1/2" strips, though I've found it's okay if the strips vary a bit in size. This step is a bit laborious, but the tying step is fun to do. 

I did both the cutting and the tying while watching some of the NCAA tournament basketball games. I was too nervous, however, to watch my alma mater Michigan State makes its improbable run to the Final Four. No matter - this is a portable craft, so I took the wreath form and the fabric strips up to another room in our house.

And too late, after I'd already cut the fabric strips for the wreath, I realized I should have gone for a green and white color scheme to represent the school colors. Perhaps I'll find another thrift store wire wreath form sometime. 

But for now, I have my springtime wreath decorating our front porch, hopefully encouraging the natural colors of green grass and pink flowers to show up soon! 




  1. Thanks for including the link back to the other wreath. It was nice seeing them both. I love the pink and green combination. Very nice!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Like I'd said, these are fun to make - once the strips have all been cut!