Sunday, February 15, 2015

Get Carded: Valentines

Hello! Now that Valentine's Day is over, I'll show off a few of the cards I made for family and friends. The focus will be on my husband and daughter today.

Since this is my self-declared "Use It Up" month and since my basement studio is very cold, I tried to work as much as I could with the crafting supplies that already resided in the storage tub I use to store my Valentine's Day decor. Fortunately I had enough supplies in that tub to make a variety of valentines. 

First up, our daughter's Valentine's Day card:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • white heart cut from paper doily
  • small lacy heart accented with red stamp pad ink; cut from same doily
  • scrap of 1880's ledger paper that I'd stamped with red acrylic paint hearts (I'd handcrafted that stamp)
  • facsimile of vintage valentine
  • sticker from Cavallini's Valentine's Mailing Set
  • "happy valentine's day" stamped in red ink on graph paper scrap
For my husband:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • piece of serendipity paper
  • page from facsimile of Victorian-era book on gardening
  • facsimile of Victorian-era valentine
  • eye image stamped in black ink, glued to scrap of stamped 1880's ledger paper
  • serendipity paper cut into heart shape, glued to scrap of stamped 1880's ledger paper
  • small heart cut from altered scrap of art paper
  • "we eat vegetables" cut from 1960's children's dictionary
Yeah, their valentines might look out of the ordinary, and I made my husband's card on the goofy side just to bemuse him. But that's how I roll!

For my next post I'll show off a couple of the valentines that went to friends.


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