Sunday, January 18, 2015

Made It: Not Just For Christmas

Hello! At the end of November I discussed the Christmas ornaments I was making for my nieces and nephews, as seen here.

Come Christmas Day, the kids - and their parents - seemed to like these ornaments. I think everyone thought they were harder to craft than they looked - they weren't hard at all; in fact, they were fun to make.

In fact, they were so fun to make that I made one for myself to use as a decorative accent in my home. I found a nice-sized plastic ornament at a thrift store last month (almost twice the size of the  gift ornaments I'd made), and punched out circles from a vintage children's book. Here's how it turned out:

I decided for the time being not to add glitter to my ornament, but I can always add some later if I want. I hung it up with fishing line, which makes it looks like it's floating in air.

All in all, this project has a lot going for it: relatively quick and inexpensive to make but the finished result is pleasing. It'll be hard to top this craft when it comes time to make the next batch of Christmas ornament gifts - but fortunately I have almost a year to worry about it!

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