Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello! And a Happy New Year to everyone reading this! 

Above, a vintage embroidered tea towel, purchased at a thrift store a few years ago for a quarter. It's hard enough to find vintage embroidered tea towels in such good shape, and I've yet to see another one that spells out Happy New Year, so I was happy to find this!

I know a lot of people are probably happy to see 2014 go - the year certainly seemed to have its share of troubling events. Will 2015 be a smoother ride? Time will tell. 

2014 had some challenges for my immediate family, but our problems were mainly weather-related. We endured the worst winter in decades, only to come home after a short vacation to the spectacle of water streaming from a burst pipe. Damage was significant, and we had to wait several months for the remodeling work to be completed. 

On the plus side, the two rooms that got the most remodeling now look nicer than they had before the pipe burst. 

We vacationed north (northern Michigan), south (Atlanta), east (Pennsylvania), and west (California). Not bad! 

Our daughter did well in her first year of college (which began in fall of 2013, of course), which helped her win a scholarship to help finance her second year. We are very proud of her! 

Well, like I said, time will tell what 2015 will bring. We're happy about something that happened today, though - our alma mater (and our daughter's current school) came from behind to win its bowl game in thrilling fashion. Go Green! Go White!

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