Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thrifty Acres: Vintage Goodies

Hello! Was fortunate this week with vintage goodies making their way to me. The first round was courtesy of a nearby estate sale I attended. Prices were reasonable, so I purchased a few things:

 Postcard with a Dutch scene. The graphics make me think it dates from the 1920's or 1930's. 

An "all metal fireproof" Season's Greeting sign, still in its original package. Not sure of its date, but likely from the 1940's or 1950's. To hammer home the lack of flammability, we are also told that the item "will not burn". The concern over fire made me wonder what sort of flame-prone decoration this sign was meant to replace. 

A trio of hand-crocheted potholders, two shaped like dresses and the other resembling a pair of bloomers. They're in need of a little cleaning but I'm okay with that. 

A close-up of some of the details:

I was a little sad - all that handiwork ended up with a stranger, me. But I will gladly display these potholders in my kitchen, where they'll join a couple of their ilk that I already have.

Not shown is the small bag of vintage handmade doll dresses that I also bought. The fabrics were cute; that was the draw. I thought they'd be fun to hang up for a display. They're in need of some laundering before I can show them off, though. 

But I have to admit, there's one thing even better than low estate sale prices, and that's getting vintage goodies for free! And I was lucky earlier in the week when my friend Libby surprised me with a purchase from a local antiques dealer who occasionally has garage sales. 

Libby had remembered that I'd brought some vintage items back from a garage sale I'd attended while visiting Atlanta this spring. She purchased similar things for me from the antiques dealer, such as:

Above, one of three sets of cotton spun head toothpicks - I think these were supposed to adorn cupcakes or maybe other treats like cubed cheese. All three sets are marked "Japan". I love these! But instead of using these to decorate party foods, I think they cry out to be turned into small dolls.

Vintage Easter decor can be pricy, so I appreciated these as well:

A pair of hard plastic Easter bunnies; their carts are large enough to hold candy or maybe even an Easter egg. Both have a busted ear, but that's fine - it's common to find these in less-than-perfect condition. This duo will join the ones I brought back from the South, seen HERE. They make me wish it was Easter already - but I guess I have to wait for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day first!

Thank you so much, Libby - your thoughtfulness and generousity is much appreciated! 


  1. It's nice that those hand crochetted potholders have found a good home with you.

  2. I'm looking forward to displaying them in my work-in-progress kitchen!