Friday, June 13, 2014

Thrifty Acres: Early 20th C Ads Part 2

As previously promised, here's another batch of ads from the W. H. M. S. (Women's Home Mission Society)cookbook of Gibsonburg, Ohio. 

Got your attention? Good - now you can read the following:

"PROF. LEON, Wonderful Massage Treatment, can, has and will make cripples walk. You should consult him. He has been a blessing to humanity." 

What a pity we don't have the likes of Prof. Leon today to cure "Rheumatism, Paralysis, Nervous Prostration" and "Curvature of the Spine"!

Silly me for never having thought that I should buy a stove the same way I buy a hat. 

I also love Haar-Brauksieck's boast in the second paragraph about their kitchenware: "Not the cheap trashy kind but good goods." My mind is set at ease now!

As I'd said in my first post about this cookbook, I couldn't find a publication date but noted that the ads made no mention of cars. So naturally horses would have had great importance as transportation, farm work, hauling goods, etc. 

Thus, we have this ad:

This was my first encounter with the term "Scientific Horseshoeing", so I wasn't quite sure what it meant. From doing some research online, all I came up with was a reference to an old book that used the same term. In that book, the author purportedly discussed various equine foot ailments, but of course I don't know if H. H. Andrews was trained to do the same. 

While I've never bought horseshoes, I've bought flour many a time. The brands I've used have always been good, but it's nice to know that this was also true at F. E. Voorheis. "Not a shadow of anything but good finds its way into our store.  ...many...brands of flour all of them good..."

I feel somewhat cheated, though, because the places where I've purchased flour have never had crushed oyster shells, chicken feed, hay and grain available for purchase. 

Although J. H. Tebbe & Sons carried a number of items, some are obsolete today. 

But one thing they sold isn't:

"Hammocks - Nothing so restful after a days work". This is still true, and with Father's Day just around the corner, I have seen them advertised as the perfect gift for Dear Old Dad. 

Well, speaking of Father's Day, I'm off to take care of some Father's Day gifts for my own dad - not a hammock, alas, but if you've gotten one for your dad, I hope he finds it as restful as much as J. H. Tebbe & Sons seemed to!



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