Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nostalgia With The Friendly Giant

Hello! I grew up in southeastern Michigan, which meant that we got to watch CBC TV shows via Channel 9 from Windsor, Ontario. My dad and brothers would watch the ever-popular Hockey Night In Canada, my dad would watch an occasional drama series on that station, and we'd sometimes watch the Canadian coverage of the Olympics as a lower-key alternative to the US-televised version of that event. 

We also watched the kids' show that were on Channel 9 then - The Friendly Giant, Chez Helene and Mr. Dressup. The Friendly Giant was my favorite, perhaps because I loved the gentle, soothing tone of the opening and closing segments of the show. 

Don't recall why, but I was thinking of that show the other day and so I turned to You Tube to see if there were any clips from it. There was, and I happily viewed those beloved scenes with that miniature furniture and that sweet music again. 

If, like me, you are nostalgic for The Friendly Giant, or just want to see a gentle, soothing snippet from that show, watch THIS.

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