Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thrifty Acres: Winter Wonderland

Hello! Although we've been having winter weather already for weeks now, today is the official first day of the season. So what better time to show off this:

Vintage sheet music, a quarter thrift store purchase. Not sure how old this is but probably no newer than the early 1940's. I say this because there's no postal number of any sort in the city address (NYC) of the company that published this. From what I've read, the USPS began using postal zones in 1943, assigning one- or two-digit numbers to the larger cities. 

Close up of our winter sports enthusiasts:

Love the graphics of the ice skating couple and the downhill skier!

The first day of winter also means the making of a new weathergram to hang outside:

Simply made from an old manila folder, twine, rubber-stamped words, silver glitter and small circles punched from two kinds of art paper. I added a short poem about winter underneath the flap.

We've had plenty of "snow" and "cold" thus far this month, but I added "ice" because we had enough freezing rain yesterday to give most kids in the region an early start to their Christmas breaks. (I saw one TV news scene of kids playing hockey on their ice-coated street!). And guess what? More freezing rain is a possibility for later on today - maybe a bit of snow too. 

Winter wonderland, eh? Oh well, have to take the weather as it comes - no matter what the season!

If you'd like to make your own weathergram, read this post.

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