Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Get Carded: Ho Ho Ho And A Happy Birthday

Hello! Two different occasions, two different cards made, but both were fun to create.

The first card was for a nephew beginning his hospitality business career; he's working at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas. Sounds cool, but it means he can't come back to Michigan for Christmas. We miss him, so I sent a package of homemade cookies out to him yesterday, along with this card:

Materials used:

- white card stock
- green art paper scrap
- holiday design card stock scrap
- altered page from vintage gardening book (altered by me)
- tree shape cut from paint chip
- "Ho Ho Ho" stamped in green ink

Celebrated a friend's birthday late, but she seemed to like her card:

Materials used:

- white card stock
- green art paper scrap
- scrapbook paper piece
- piece cut from cover of vintage sheet music
- piece cut from vintage music flash card
- vintage fabric yo yo
- vintage button
- birthday greeting stamped in black ink

You may have noticed that both cards were crafted in a similar way, with layers of coordinating rectangles used for the bulk of the design. This may seem like a lazy way to create a card, but it can take a bit of time to find the right materials to build the layers up. It's a fun process, though, and also a good way to use up some smaller pieces of art paper and vintage odds and ends. 

And, as this time of year means my mind is awhirl with creative endeavors, it's good to have some simple card crafting techniques up my sleeve!


  1. The card was great! Loved the yoyo on it!

  2. Thank you! I must confess that although I know how to make yo yo's, I bought that one already made at an antique mall.