Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter CSA

Hello! We happen to have a terrific farmers' market here and happily load up on fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables offered there in season. It's always a sad time when the market closes for the year partway through the month of December. 

We found out last fall that one of the market vendors was offering shares in a winter CSA. My husband and I talked about signing up for it but never got around to doing so. 

Took action this year - looked at the vendor's website recently and learned that winter CSA shares were still available, with the first pick-up beginning this week.

Felt a bit like a kid at Christmas as we went to pick up our first share today, and here's what we got:

As seen above, we received kohlrabi, Delicata squash, broccoli, cabbage, Yukon Gold potatoes, onions, Golden Delicious apples and parsnips. I happen to like everything shown above, while my husband will shun the Delicata squash and our daughter isn't a fan of broccoli. We were pleased with our first week! I already roasted the kohlrabi to serve up as a side dish for tonight's dinner. The recipe was supplied by the vendor in a weekly winter CSA newsletter, and the same newsletter will also give us a heads up as to what will show up in our share box each week. 

The winter CSA program runs through the end of February, so we'll be guaranteed some good produce through then! I look forward to each week's offering and to making the best use of what we receive. At a time of year during which our grocery stores carry produce from thousands of miles away, it's nice to know that our CSA produce was locally grown!


  1. Yup. It's like getting a present.

  2. I've been having fun cooking with our first week's share!