Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Return to Pennsylvania

 Hello! We went to Williamsport, Pennsylvania for a short trip last week. Although we were there in August, we like visiting in the fall the best, when the hills are ablaze in glorious fall colors. 

I happily explored the area on my own last Monday while the rest of my family was off doing a hike. I began my excursion by making a visit to a local thrift store, where I purchased some vintage Christmas lights. I will show them off in a future post. 

No trip to the area would be complete without a stop at Purity Chocolates, where part of the fun is seeing the candies being made in the room just beyond the retail store. Looks like the folks at Purity are thinking ahead:

Above, chocolate turkeys and snowmen have been set aside to dry after being unmolded. 

Above, a five-pound solid chocolate turkey had been decorated with fall leaf-shaped cake sprinkles on its tail and was finished off with cellophane wrap gathered with colorful wired ribbon. At $29.95, this costs more than a real turkey does per pound, but tastes even better! I always say that if anyone were to bring this as a hostess gift on Thanksgiving Day, they would surely be invited back again!

From the Purity business it was a straight shot down US 15 to Lewisburg. From previous visits, I knew there were many old buildings worth photographing, but first I took a picture of a storefront:

The shop was called Treasures of Japan, but unfortunately it was closed that day. I would have loved to see what this store carried. 

There are many well-preserved older buildings in and around downtown Lewisburg, such as: 
This is the Lewisburg Hotel. 

Pretty detail on a front door panel.

 The above building houses a restaurant.

 Cheerfully-painted brick exterior.

 As I was taking the above photo, a woman came from around the corner and approached the house - turns out that it was hers. I quickly explained that I was visiting from out of state and that I was taking a picture of her front door because I loved the colors. She chuckled and said they were going to have the exterior repainted in the next few weeks. She said her house was 150 years old.

Pretty stained-glass window detail on a church.

Two more lovely older homes shown above.

I could have taken pictures around Lewisburg all afternoon, but I did want to make time to visit the Roller Mills antique mall. I was tempted to buy a few things, but decided to stick to window shopping instead.

I will leave you with one last photo:

I have always loved the name Spook Hollow Road. I don't know the story behind this name, but it's appropriate for this month of Halloween hauntings. The road is off of US 220 between Williamsport and Jersey Shore. 

I came back missing the hills and historic architecture of Pennyslvania, as both are in short supply where I currently live.



  1. Beautiful!
    That turkey made me drool just a little.

  2. Fall would not be the same without the trip.

  3. Judy - you can order one of those chocolate turkeys online if you want! :)

    Maria - I agree, fall wouldn't be the same if we didn't go there! I'm glad we could make it.