Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Made It - Hanging Display Piece

Hello! Last year I saw a cute hanging display piece for sale. It was only around $20.00, but was covered with decorative paper that didn't match my decor. I knew there were old wooden boards of a similar width in our garage, so I decided to see if I could make something similar. Here's what I came up with:

My main trouble is that we don't have a power saw, so I had to cut the board to my desired length by hand. Please ignore the slightly uneven edges! 

I chose this particular board because of the piece of old wallpaper affixed to it - I found it charming, though I have no idea why anyone would have glued wallpaper to a painted wooden board. But here's a close-up of the wallpaper:

To mimic the look of the item I'd seen for sale, I screwed in picture-hanging eyes, strung clothespins onto picture wire, then threaded the wire through the eyes and wrapped it tightly to hold the wire in place (yes, the original item had a similar wire-and-clothespin construction). Then all I had to do was nail a sawtooth hanger onto the back so that I could hang my finished piece. Okay, so it looks a little rustic, but I was still pleased to construct this out of materials I already had around the house.

It's fun to change the "display" around as I please - what you see hanging up there right now are some clothespin dolls that I found at a thrift store - forget what I paid for them, but it was very little. I love it when I find someone else's handmade crafts at a thrift store - saves me from having to make something myself!   


  1. Thanks, Judy - it was easy to do, and I bet you could make one that looks even better!