Friday, September 16, 2011

Made It - Decorative Wooden Block

Hello! Made another recent visit to the creative reuse store Learning From Scratch. In the past, there's always been wooden cube-shaped blocks for sale, but this time there were triangular-shaped blocks as well. As is true with the cube-shaped blocks, there were some irregularities in size and finish, but no matter - I figured they'd be fun to decorate. 

Fiddled around with one yesterday. I began by selecting a postcard I'd gotten at a thrift store; I picked one that depicts a market in Salzburg. I painted two sides and the bottom of the triangle with a coordinating acrylic paint. Pieces of the postcard were cut to fit the unpainted sides and then little touches were added. Here's the finished result:

One side covered with a postcard section and the edges are finished off with clear glitter.

This side has been painted and a phrase from a 1930's grammar book was glued on. Above the phrase I've added part of an old earring. More glitter around the edges. 

Here's the other postcard side, followed by:

The other painted side.

Other than the acrylic paint and the craft glues used to affix the earring pieces and the glitter, everything was from resale (creative reuse, thrift store, garage sale). Thus, this cost me very little to make, and as the triangular blocks are small (this one is about 2 1/4" high and 1 1/2" wide), it was also a relatively quick project. 

I like how this turned out, and also like how the possibilities for decorating the blocks are endless - vintage greeting cards, old cookbooks and sheet music are some of the other possibilities. I may even try pairing these with some of the cube-shaped blocks to construct houses. 

I think I'll have to go back to LFS to see if they still have these triangular blocks!

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