Saturday, July 2, 2011

Get carded - various occasions

Hello! Although I hadn't shown off any greeting cards in awhile, that doesn't mean that I haven't made any lately! So now I'll let you see what I'd crafted over the past few weeks:

For Father's Day, of course. Can you guess what my dad's favorite color is? If you said "green" you'd be correct! So here we have:

white cardstock

dark green art paper

DAD letters (actually meant to be used to label mailboxes with last names; a thrift store find) stamped with forest green StazOn ink

"Happy Father's Day" stamped with black StazOn ink.

I'm pleased to report that my dad liked his card a lot! He tells me often that I should sell them.

The above card was sent to an out-of-state acquaintance. For this one, I used:

white cardstock

off-white art paper piece

vintage holy card, a thrift store find. It's over 100 years old and appears to have been made to keep track of attendance for a church function, perhaps Sunday school. Very pretty picture, and as the card recipient is quite devout in her faith, I figure she'd appreciate it. 

Dark green art paper scrap

"Hello" stamped on white cardstock scrap with black StazOn ink

Last card on this post is shown above; it was a very kind lady's birthday and I always try to make special cards for her. 

white cardstock

patterned cardstock

lacy-look cream-colored art paper scrap

vintage button card, sans buttons

"Happy Birthday" stamped on cardstock with red StazOn ink, edged with same ink color

Vintage button

My friend seemed pleased with her card! Several years ago, our budding friendship was cemented in part by a greeting card - she had unexpectedly shown me a favor, so I made a simple but pretty thank you card for her. I always say when in doubt, give a thank you card - it will always be appreciated, I think! Because I had done so with her, she wanted to get to know me better. 

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