Thursday, July 7, 2011

Get carded - summer birthday parties

Hello! There's been a run on family birthday parties this week, so I've been busy making cards for this occasion, such as:

White cardstock

Red cardstock circle

Printed game card from a vintage football game

"For You" stamped with azure StazOn ink on white cardstock scrap

Thin light blue crochet thread for accent

I thought the vintage football game piece was fitting since the birthday boy participates in a fantasy football league.

White cardstock

Paint chip sample (from a huge set purchased at Learning From Scratch)

Scrap from vintage dictionary page

Beige art paper scrap

Reproduction of vintage image of dog, from a recent thrift shop purchase - a Dover book of vintage animal images; paid 50c for the book. The original price tag of $4.95 was still on the back.

Vintage black snap affixed near top of card

"doggone it" stamped in black StazOn ink. I'd recently gotten this set of alphabet letter stamps in the dollar bin at Michael's.

The card above was made with some of the same materials:

White cardstock
Paint chip sample

Corrugated cardboard piece
Leopard-print scrapbook paper

Beige cardstock

Reproduction vintage leopard image from the Dover book mentioned above

Leopard-print earring from garage sale

"16" vintage bingo piece - the age of a special person today!