Saturday, August 11, 2018

Get Carded: Congratulations To The Bride And Groom

Hello! My family attended my nephew's wedding last weekend in Maryland and had a very nice time. The ceremony was held outdoors in a garden a stone's throw away from Chesapeake Bay, while the reception was held indoors at the same location. The setting was just as nice as it sounds! 

But no matter where the setting, a wedding deserves a nice card and here's the one I made for my nephew and his bride:

And a close-up:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • rubber stamp scroll design stamped in black ink
  • large heart cut from scrapbook paper
  • small heart cut from art paper 
  • images of two bells stamped in black ink onto art paper, then cut out and affixed onto small heart
  • "Congratulations to the BRIDE AND GROOM" photocopied from 1954 wedding card and edged in black ink
  • black and white cord
  • silver glitter glue dots
The black/white/silver color scheme was chosen to match the color scheme of the gift wrap I'd used for the wedding gifts.

And there was a special reason I photocopied part of a vintage wedding card: my parents - my nephew's grandparents - had been given that wedding card in 1954. And they received it from my mom's parents - my nephew's great-grandparents. 

My nephew never knew those great-grandparents, but he certainly remembers his late grandparents. So I wrote a note to him on the inside of my card, explaining the bit that had been photocopied from his grandparents' wedding card and how it represented them in spirit. 

And what did I see on a table at his wedding reception? A framed picture of my parents (along with framed pictures of other deceased relatives). So indeed, another sign that my parents were there in spirit!

A funny thing about my parents' wedding card: I have no idea how it came into my possession! But my eyes fell upon it while I was thinking up a card design for my nephew's wedding. Now that I used part of it for his card, I think I'll include it in subsequent weddings in my family. 

Congratulations to the bride and groom!


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