Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Biggest Bunny Of Them All!

Hello! I was out of town for the Easter weekend, so I didn't get around to posting some photos of what might be the biggest bunny of them all:

Above, a solid chocolate Easter bunny, created by the folks at Purity Candy, near Allenwood, PA. This photo was taken on March 18th. 

This bunny may not look like much, but the sign below indicates otherwise:

It's a "75 lb. Decorated Milk Chocolate Rabbit", you see, and was priced at $399.99. Hey, at least they weren't charging 400 bucks for it! Although I didn't measure the rabbit, it was probably about as tall as a young child.

But lest you didn't want to spend quite that much on one chocolate bunny, a smaller version was also available. Didn't get the price on this one, but it was still was an impressive size. Visible behind this display of Easter goodies is the workroom where many other chocolate bunnies were lined up and ready to be packaged. 
Like I'd said, the above bunny was impressive. However, I was aiming for the best, so I jokingly told my husband to buy the 75 pounder for me for Easter. Alas, Easter Sunday came and went, with no sign of that monster rabbit. 

We couldn't help but wonder if the rabbit ever did get sold, and if not, what its fate would be. Sold or unsold, it was still quite a sight to see, and I salute Purity Candy for making it! 

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