Saturday, October 7, 2017

Made It: A Fall Scrap Fabric Wreath

Hello! I've shown off scrap fabric wreaths on this blog before, such as the post seen here.  Since I've made a few by now, I figured I was done with this craft. 

But then I bought a large bag of fabric scraps at our town's sidewalk sales during the summer. While sorting out the pieces by color once I got home, I noticed that many of the scraps were already cut in pieces the perfect size for a scrap fabric wreath, and what's more, they happened to be mostly in fall-ish colors. So I decided to make a fall scrap fabric wreath for our front door. 

I also raided my own assortment of autumn-hued fabric scraps, which was fine with me - this project's a great way to use up pieces too small to do much else with. 

I remembered I had a bag of vintage quilt scraps that had been cut in a shape that would work well in the making of this wreath; these bits can be seen in this post. I dug out the bag to find the scraps that fit with my color scheme (mostly grays, browns, blacks, orange, yellow and dark red), zeroing in on the shapes as seen in the second photo in the linked post.  

I bought an 18" wire wreath frame at Michaels, then tied, tied, tied away. It actually goes quicker than you might think, and I liked seeing all the strips come together on the wreath frame as I filled it in. 

Here's how it turned out:

And here's a close-up of some of the fall fabrics I used:

Striped ticking, Halloween prints, vintage plaids, ginghams...this wreath's got a little bit of everything.

Well, everything that makes this a fall scrap fabric wreath!

(If you'd like to make your own scrap fabric wreath - in the colors of your choosing, of course - the directions are within the first link in this post.)


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