Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Get Carded: Happy (late) Valentine's Day!

Hello! Because of out-of-state travel on Valentine's Day, my husband and I were late in celebrating the occasion. But we eventually got around to it (heart-shaped pizzas, ultra-rich brownies and candy gifts). And I eventually got around to taking a photo of the card I made him, so I can show it off now - along with two others, that were mailed in time to the recipients.

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • mailer card from 1960's tourism publication (chosen because city listed on card is a well-liked vacation spot of the recipient); card altered with stenciled red acrylic paint
  • "Be My Valentine" heart cut from Cavallini paper product
  • heart-shaped yo-yo made by me
  • heart-shaped button
  • paper tape piece with pointed finger, another Cavallini product
  • "Heart" stamped in red ink
The recipient had recently given me a gift card to Fris, a local art-supply store, for my birthday. I spent that card pronto on two Cavallini products, the Valentine-themed paper and a paper tape set, so I thought it'd be nice to show the recipient how the gift card had been used. 

Card #2:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • Kraft  paper altered with stenciled red acrylic paint
  • "My Valentine" cut from Cavallini paper product
  • heart cut from paint chip
  • Kraft paper tape
  • sliver of altered Kraft paper glued behind paint chip heart
  • "Special Delivery" paper tape from Cavallini(the "S" is missing because it was the beginning of the paper tape roll, but I didn't want to waste that piece!)
Card #3:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • ad from 1960's tourism publication
  • "Hello Dear!" heart cut from Cavallini paper product
  • heart cut from altered Kraft paper
  • white plastic heart, pulled off old sachet I was discarding
  • ruler designs stamped in red ink (placed on left edge of card and underneath white plastic heart)
  • red paper tape with pointed finger design; Cavallini product
  • two hearts stamped in red ink
  • "Love" stamped in red ink
You may have noticed that I used some of the same materials in all three cards, which is a habit I have when making more than one card at a time (or for the same occasion). This saves time and effort since I just leave my supplies out until I'm done with this round of card crafting. Yet each of these three cards looks quite different from the other.   

I had fun making these cards and like how they turned out! On time or late, a Valentine's Day card is always enjoyable to create.

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