Thursday, March 3, 2016

Things You Can Always Find At A Thrift Store #9: Pretty Pictures

Hello! Feel like changing up the wall hangings in your house? Or perhaps - like me - you've repainted a room and so it's time to put different prints on the walls there. Well, check out the thrift stores; they may have just what you need, and at low, low prices.

Case in point, a 23x29 framed print I bought for our newly-painted guest bedroom:

I paid four dollars for this piece, which is called "Still Life Of Summer Flowers", attributed to a George Frederik Ziesel (1756-1809). 

Close-up of some of the flowers:

I think this is a very pretty print, and can't beat the price either for the size. But perhaps part of my pleasure is that the walls in that guest bedroom now look so nice! You can see the white wall the print is hanging on, but someone before us had painted the walls of that room purple and green - to go along with lemon-yellow trim and bright blue doors. Fairy tale-style murals on some of the walls completed the look, or so they thought at the time. I never bothered to do much decorating in that room, but now I can! 

Another floral print, in another bedroom:

I was told this print is old, but I have no idea how old. I liked the colors, and the fact that I paid $2.50 for it. Its dimensions are 11x14. 

A close-up:

The ever-popular tulip shows up in an 11x11 print:

If I tire of tulips, not a problem, since I paid only $1.50 for this. 

Flowers not your thing; you'd rather see landscapes? I've got those too:

A 11x9 watercolor depicts some of the grand old buildings in Cape May, NJ. I bought this on a winter's day as a reminder of the days I went "down the shore" to Cape May during the summer months. 

A close-up:

Cape May is a very pretty Victorian town, so I was happy to find this work.

From Cape May to Paris, two 10x13 prints that I bought years ago for 50c each:

 And its close-up:

L'Arc De Triomphe.

And of course, the Eiffel Tower. 

My most recent thrift store landscape purchase was an oil painting I showed off here.

I've only covered florals and landscapes, but there's wall hangings to suit any taste at thrift stores - animals, babies, sports heroes, framed pieces from professional photographers and more. 

So whether you're tired of your current wall decor, or have repainted rooms, thrift stores can help with your redecoration efforts. 



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