Friday, September 4, 2015

Get Carded: Happy Anniversary

Hello! Our wedding anniversary was yesterday, so of course I made a card for my husband for the occasion. He's not a fan of overly sentimental cards, so I've often made them with a lighter theme. 

I was just plain tired yesterday, due to a number of physically-demanding activities earlier in the week. I wasn't feeling whimsical, so instead I came up with this design:

Materials used:
  • white card stock
  • scrap from piano music workbook page, circa 1886 (paper with black vertical line on left side of card)
  • image of hearts cut from 1980's graphic design book
  • image of couple dancing cut from vintage magazine
  • altered page from 1950's cookbook underneath dancing couple image
  • SEP from monthly budget divider set
  • 3 cut from 1920's card game set
  • 32 cut from 1950's card game set
  • sparkly piece in upper right corner from bag of costume jewelry purchased at an estate sale
As you can see, there's a mixed bag of materials used, ranging in age from 1886 to card stock bought last year. In other words, the card represent a span of 128 years.

But of course, the number 32 is there for a reason on the card - it represents how many years we've been married. 

We've never celebrated our wedding anniversary in a big way, but we did enjoy a nice dinner out and an exchange of small presents. I got my husband one of the pricier craft beers he likes (he's too cheap to buy it for himself) and a batch of his favorite homemade candy.

In my next post I'll show off his gift to me.