Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Made It: ICAD Challenge - July

Hello! I recently showed off some vacation ICAD (index-card-a-day) designs, but hadn't gotten around to showing off some of the other index cards I'd decorated in July. Today's post will rectify that.

Blend of old and new: vintage detergent ad and words cut from a current Lands End catalog.

Another blend of old and new:

Catalog image and a bit of doodling along with an altered 1880's ledger page. 

Made in honor of our daughter's birthday, this index card design features rubber stamping, art paper scrap, vintage matchbook scrap, painted vintage bingo card, altered menu cut into gift shape, and the word "present" cut from a flashcard. 

Lots of rubber stamping, a bit of red and white twine, and a round playing card. 

When I was feeling lazy, I'd doodle instead of making something more complicated. Kind of fun to do, actually. 

A flower shape was cut from a vintage book of floor plans, then oil pastel colors were added. 

A collage made up of scraps from a bin of white papers.  Included were pieces from paper company samples, leftover office folders, and rubber stamping projects. 

Not shown, but also created during the July ICAD challenge was a "don't forget" list for a big family party on the 4th of July, more doodling, a receipt from a now-closed grocery store in East Lansing, MI (idiot developer), lettering experiments, waxed thread stitchery, the testing out of new-to-me rubber stamps, homages to tea and to Indiana cantaloupes (the best around, currently available at our farmers' market) and more.

So, overall, how did the ICAD challenge go? I admit, there were times it seemed a bit tedious, usually when I didn't remember to do one until the end of the day when I was already tired. It was also a bit tedious to create the vacation ICAD cards on the spot, what with the cutting up and arranging of various images and print.

I'll also admit to forgetting to do a card twice. Both times I made the card the next day instead. I suppose I could have not bothered with making up those two days, but I wanted a complete set, and that's what I have.

Once the challenge was over, I was a bit relieved - no more wracking my brains to come up with something each day! (I never bothered with the daily prompts the ICAD Challenge creator supplied) But within a day or two I actually missed the act of decorating index cards.  Although I especially enjoyed the collage work, I discovered I liked doodling with my marker sets as well, and the index cards came in handy for testing out the secondhand craft paints and rubber stamps I bought in June and July. 

Glad I did the ICAD Challenge!


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