Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Secondhand Shopping For A Summer Sublet

Hello! Our daughter is renting a sublet this summer as she takes a couple of classes and works at an on-campus job. This marks the first time she's had to cook for herself on a regular basis.

Although the apartment came furnished, and her roommates said she could borrow their kitchen utensils and cookware, inevitably there were a few things she needed. 

No sense in buying new (other than a bath mat and a shower curtain liner) when she'd just be heading back to the residence hall come late August. On the other hand, I wanted her to have decent stuff that could be reused in the future when she's done with dorm life for good. 

Thus far, I've purchased her a couple of Tupperware food storage containers, a Wusthof paring knife, a lidded Corningware casserole dish (the type that can go in either regular or microwave oven) and a small wastepaper basket for her bathroom. Everything came from a church rummage sale or a thrift store.

All were in good shape - the knife sliced fine, no chips or stains on the casserole dish or on its lid, and no stains and very little wear on the Tupperware containers.

This is basic stuff, so I didn't bother to take photos of any of it. The price was pretty basic too: I spent around $6.00 for all of the above. 

If brought brand new, I figured out that I would have paid between $45-$60 for everything. The knife alone retails for around twenty dollars! But I paid a mere fifty cents for it. 

Can't beat those prices! It's nice to know that secondhand merchandise is available for anyone's living quarters, whether it be a summer sublet or a permanent residence. Come to think of it, I could use some replacement knives myself...

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