Monday, June 13, 2011

Thrifty Acres - Handmade for the Holidays

Hello! Although I can and do make a variety of holiday decorations, nevertheless I'm always delighted when I find well-crafted, handmade holiday decorations at a thrift store. Case in point:

I love this Halloween witch! The head is painted fabric and the face is neatly painted on. Five different black vintage buttons are glued onto the bodice. The pointy part of the hat is stitched onto the brim with very neat, even stitches. In short, someone did a fantastic job on this. And the price? A mere $3.00! The fabric alone would have probably cost about that much plus a pattern may have been purchased as well. Then there's the time spent crafting this item, no small consideration. (She's nearly three feet tall.)

I know that if this item was sold at a craft show, it'd go for more than $3.00. You can never tell about thrift store pricing; it often seems to follow no rhyme or reason. For instance, it's not unusual to find a dollar store item at a thrift store - with a price tag of more than a dollar on it!

Item #2 is smaller but I still like it:

This sweet Christmas stocking ornament was made with good-quality felt, not the cheap stuff that is practically see-through. The decorative stitching on the cuff and on the stocking itself adds a sweet touch. I don't care for the silver pipe cleaner hanger, but I can just take it off and add a prettier cord if I want. I paid 25c for this. Can't go wrong at that price!

Of course, now I'll have to wait to display these decorations at the appropriate times, but it'll be fun to set them out then.


  1. It's Halloween and Christmas in June.

  2. With thrift store shopping, holidays can come at any time!