Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Get carded - two milestones

Hello! There were recently two milestone events in my family, so two handmade cards were called for. Here is the first one, to celebrate a niece's college graduation:

White cardstock

Scrapbook piece (I hardly ever buy these, but came across piles of them some time ago at a garage sale; they must have been salesperson's samples or something along those lines. Many different occasions were represented, and best of all, the prices were something like 25 or 50 cents apiece - even for packages marked with retail prices of up to $5.00!)

"Happy" and "Emily" stamped in black StazOn ink

Vintage matchbook cut into flower shape, white vintage button in center of "flower"

The graduate, by the way, is on her way to graduate school for rehab psychology. Way to go, Emily!

The second occasion was a wedding:

White cardstock stamped with large "love" stamp in azure StazOn ink

Dark blue cardstock scrap

Light blue art paper scrap

Vintage "bridal bingo" card, cut into heart shape and edged in azure StazOn ink

Sheer white ribbon glued to top of heart

Vintage white button glued to heart

Names of bride and groom stamped in azure StazOn ink on white cardstock scraps

I liked the way this card turned out, if I say so myself! As I had mentioned in my previous post, I like to use vintage bingo cards in my projects, and what better use for a "bridal bingo" card than a wedding card?

Congratulations to Martin and Leann! It was a very nice ceremony and reception.


  1. The recipients of these cards liked them very much.

  2. Oh! I just passed on a bridal bingo game because I could not think what I would ever DO with them.
    SOOO cute!

  3. Maria - I'm glad they did; I enjoyed making them!

    Judy - well, now you know what to do when you come across a bridal bingo game the next time!